Thinking about buying in SWFL? Now is the time!

Thinking about buying in SWFL? Now is the time!

Thinking about making the move to Southwest Florida? Ready to search for your dream home? Believe it or not, now is the best time to purchase a home in SWFL. Why? It’s still the off season. To put it simply, the SWFL off season means housing prices are lower and there’s fewer people down here to compete with when searching for and buying a home. Real estate investment is about the timing!

In the off season down here, buyers have more choices and more leverage in sale negotiations than when it’s in season. Even if there are fewer homes on the market, there are fewer buyers down here throughout the summer and fall to compete with. Our entry level home sales are creeping up quickly for the first time home buyer. If your plan is to wait until next year to buy, I would suggest starting your search today rather than waiting a year, which will lead to a higher tax base on the home and a higher sales prices on the home.

Right now is a great time to buy in Florida. Why? Rents are rising at faster rates than home prices, especially along the coastal towns, meaning it’s still cheaper to buy! Waiting for the in season too look for/buy a home in Southwest Florida will make it harder for you to land the house you want, because right now in Florida the housing demand is still exceeding the supply. Even though this is the case, you do have less competition in the off season, despite the fact that the housing supply is low down here at the moment.

Usually, realtors and realty companies in the Southern Florida market see a lot of closing happening in the spring in summer months; a good majority of realty sales happen in the second and third quarter in each year. According to RealtyTrac, which searches real estate data, news, and trends, the best time to buy in the Cape Coral, Fort Myers area of Florida is in May (off season). On average, the buyer will receive a 22 percent discount while purchasing their home at this time.

If you’re in the financial position to do so, any time can be a great time to buy a home in Southwest Florida, you’ll just have more competition during the winter months/season in this area when all the snowbirds and tourists make their way down here. If you’re looking to make the move to the paradise that is SWFL, let me help you! I have listings in Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Bonita Springs, Naples, and other surround areas. To look at my listings, click here. To contact me, call 239-214-1039 or click here.