The Seven Islands Plan

The Seven Islands Plan

The Seven Islands is a hot topic around Cape Coral right now. This area of interest is in the southwest area of Northwest Cape. The Seven Islands is made up of 48 acres, which includes seven “islands’ and 46 adjoining properties along Old Burnt Store Road. In short, this area is becoming an up and coming neighborhood.

The vision for this area is in the early stages. In April, a consultant and design team revealed to the Cape Coral City Council five design concepts for Seven Islands. The different plans include solely residential options zones for only single-family and multi-family homes, as well as options featuring 12-story high rises, hotels and businesses.

This new development may even include 15 separate neighborhoods, five parks, and a 250-acre city enterprise zone at Kismet Parkway and Old Burnt Store Road, which would an economic hub for the area to promote business and more development in the area. Other goals and visions include: public access to water, water quality and wetlands protection, waterfront development, and to develop a greater sense of community.

The Northwest Cape Coral Neighborhood Association, which represents around 1,000 residents, is making sure the Council remembers that the community wants parks, waterfront dining, and buildings that are no taller than three stories. The Matlache Civic Community is worried about the development and stressed to the Council that people don’t want to see dredging or disappearing mangroves.

After hearing all the views and opinions in the April meeting, the consulting and design team will modify the concept, and bring it back to the Council to review sometime in May.  Residents are helping the team come up with the concept, as well; the city of Cape Coral set up an online voting feature to get input about the proposed five design concepts. The community had until April 8th to vote. You can still see this plans on

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Do you want to live in or near this up-and-coming area of Cape Coral? Interested in knowing more? The Seven Islands development plan will make the area much more vibrant and grow the community in a positive, intimate way. This project will reflect the views, wants, and needs of Cape Coral residents, along with the needs of the environment. Realtor Kim Arasimowicz lives in Cape Coral and can offer great advice about news, events and the best places to live in this city. Contact her at 239-214-1039.