New Construction

logoIf your dream home can’t be found among the many available options in Southwest Florida, don’t give up! In fact, more and more prospective homeowners are turning the tables and looking into to their new construction options. New construction not only allows you to have a voice in the actual design of your new home, but also gives you more options and more opportunities to end up with a home that has all the characteristics and amenities that you are looking for. A home that is custom built to the owner’s specifications and fantasies truly gives new meaning to the term “dream home.”

backWhen looking for the right custom home building company in Cape Coral, look no further than Windward Construction. As an agent for Windward Construction, Kim has helped many families and retired couples to envision what their dream homes could be and to discover the many possibilities and benefits of such an option. Vacant land prices are still at an affordable price, allowing you to build a quality home within your budget. Land values are rising on a monthly basis, it’s now time to secure your lot for future building!

Windward-Windswept-sales-sheet_Page_2-e1417097123563Windward Construction has five gorgeous floor plans to choose from, all easily customized and tweaked to suit the owner’s wishes and personal style. With Windward Construction, all available floor plans were designed to blur the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces. After all – isn’t that what living in Southwest Florida is all about? The open, spacious, and inviting spaces created by Windward Construction were truly meant to be enjoyed and shared year round.

Contact Kim at Moving Southwest Florida today to discuss your many options for a home from Windward Construction, and start envisioning yourself and your loved ones relaxing into a lifestyle that was truly designed and planned by you.

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