Benefits of Using a Realtor in a New Build/Construction

Benefits of Using a Realtor in a New Build/Construction

Many people aren’t in the market to just buy a home, they want to build their home. With a new build or construction home, owners have the opportunity to create a “dream home” by having more choices in the way things are designed, where the home is located, and what ends up inside from appliances and floors to colors and door knobs.

Even though the buyer is working with the builder to build the new home, it is actually a smart idea to use a realtor to represent oneself in a new construction/build.

Below, I’ve listed a few key points and tips to why it’s in the buyer’s best interest to work with a realtor when buying new construction/build.

Realtors Have Experience and Care About the Buyer’s Needs

A realtor can act like a liaison between the builder and the buyer. You want to find a realtor with new construction experience, which makes sense; however, you also want to find a realtor who is not affiliated with the builder. A realtor who is looking out for your best interests is key when making important decisions in the building process. For example, the realtor can help the buyer create an appealing offer to the builder and know what choices you’re making will affect the home’s resale value. Agents or builder sales reps associated with the builder do offer lots of helpful information about the models and floor plans of homes, but they also represent the builder. A realtor representing you on a build can time the sale of your current home to make a seamless process without leaving you homeless for a few months; a good realtor can also negotiate a few month lease back if you need the funds from your current home to move onto your new home! That being said, realtors are a source of great real estate information and work with the buyers to navigate through the entire process.

Realtors Can Help a Buyer Save Money

A realtor is there to work with the buyer and help them get through the process, while also sticking to certain financial budgets. Realtors are great negotiators. But before you even get to that step, realtors can do the research and find the best builder for your budget. In fact, many realtors have their own personal lists of builders who they known to be quality, trustworthy people who deliver a great product. A realtor can spend the time to figure out what each builder has to offer and if it matches up to the buyer’s needs. Once you’ve picking a builder, a realtor can help negotiate figures on the back end on such things like closing costs or upgrades and other post construction work. The realtor may even be able to help the buyer get a better rate on his or her mortgage.

Realtors Have a Knowledge of Agreements

Realtors deal with contracts and agreements regularly, meaning they know what to look for in a document. Realtors know what should be stated, and will notice if items are left out. A realtor can make sure all negotiations are worked out and written properly in a contract. He or she will make sure everything (like deadlines and closing dates) are in writing, so the buyer will know what will happen in case a delay occurs from either party. Realtors can review the builder’s documents in advance to know what questions to ask or what needs to be added to the forms.

Buying A New Build/Construction Home in SWFL

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